Frequently Asked Questions

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Plan Details

Your tablets, computers, television, gaming consoles and other electronics that you use daily can be expensive to repair or replace. The Sears Tech Protect℠ Plan provides coverage in the event of a covered or electrical breakdown or damage from a covered power surge. This Plan even covers accidental damage from handling like drops, spills, and cracked screens for tablets, notebooks, laptops and digital cameras.


The Sears Tech Protect℠ Plan must be paid on a monthly basis. Payments may be made by credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Sears MasterCard, American Express and Discover) or debit card. After your first purchase, your payment information will be saved in the system for recurring monthly payments.

NOTE: Your credit card will show a monthly charge from AMT Warranty Corp (AMT). AMT is the parent company of the Administrator (responsible for handling claims and billing for the Plan).


In the event that the Claim Support Team is not able to repair your device, it may be replaced with a new or refurbished device of like kind and quality. The Claim Support Team will go over your options with you during the claims process.

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